What does a media production company do?

What does a media production company do?

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What does a media production company do?

A media production company is responsible for the many steps required in production of media content, from the initial conceptualization to the project completion.

Media refers to any form of communication, entertainment or information that are intended and produced to reach a wider set of audience. Media can be in the form of anything from film and TV clip to corporate and promotional or web based contents. Basically, anything that can be used to convey a message is a form of media.

The roles of a media production company are as follows:

1. Brainstorming for concept


Conceptualizing and brainstorming is the most crucial part of the media production process. This step is when the vision for the desired media content is created and the whole media production team will be set on the same page. This step is also important as to prevent the desired content from digressing from what it’s meant to convey.

2. Fleshing out media brief and scriptwriting

Once the vision has been set and everyone on the team is on the same page, it’s time to flesh out the media brief and draft out the script. Most media productions have a backstory, therefore, the scriptwriting process outlines the backstory to create an appealing message for the target audience.

3. Creating a storyboard 


Once the brief and the script have been outlined, it’s time to create a storyboard that will tie together multiple aspects of the story: audio, video, imagery, text for voice overs and subtitles. A storyboard for a scene will include a sketch of the visual elements, the voice over or subtitles, and any production notes. After the initial drafting, the storyboarding process will provide more structure to the project

4. Designing visuals

During this stage of the production, the media production designers will test out the visual aspects to determine the look and feel of it. Based on the notes on the storyboard, the designers will create graphics, design and guidelines to direct the photographers and videographers on which creative shots to take. This stage in the production is where the visual aspects are sharpened to appeal more to the audience.

5. Reviewing and final editing

The longest and probably most complex part of the media production process is possibly the reviewing and editing process. Here, the rough draft is put into rounds of reviews and edits. After all review and editing has been done internally, the next step will involve getting the client’s input and feedback. 

Overall, the media production process can be divided into three main stages, which are pre-production (planning scripting and storyboarding), production (involves the actual shooting and recording) and post-production (everything else that falls between production and creating the master copy).

Other stages in between include financing — includes budget forecasting, scouting for investors, etc., screenplay producing and media distribution to end consumers. In most cases, the media production companies are also responsible for creating a viable marketing strategy to promote their media (in the form of film, print, CD or DVD) to the mass  audience.

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