What is TVC (television commercial)?

What is TVC (television commercial)?

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What is TVC (television commercial)?

TVC is the acronym for television commercial — a form of advertising that promotes products, services, ideas, individuals or organizations via the television medium.

The duration of TVCs greatly vary but they usually fall between 10 seconds to 3 minutes-long. Regardless of the length of the TVC, it is important to keep in mind that the message conveyed would have to be catchy and arresting to keep the viewers from losing interest within the first few seconds of the TVC.

The main objective of the TVC is to introduce a new product, create awareness and ultimately, to make consumers switch to the product promoted. A TVC also works to remind the consumer audience of the existence of the product in order to create a continuous demand over time.

An effective TVC should possess the following criteria:

  1. Conveys a clear message
  2. Single-minded – should only deliver ONE clear message
  3. Has clear brand association and can be easily recalled i.e. Maggi comes to mind when one talks about instant noodles, Colgate when referring to toothpaste, etc.
  4. Unique – not something similar to another brand
  5. Provides the possibility of purchase after watching the advertisement.

There are several steps involved in the making of a TVC. The first and most important step will be the providing of the advertising brief by the client to us. The advertising brief, which contains the marketing background, target audience and consumer insight of a certain product, will set the direction of the TVC. Without it, the objective of the TVC will be vague and targeting will be less effective.


Based on the advertising brief given, we will then be able to present an innovative idea and storyline to you, the client. From here, a storyboard is then created based on the client’s preference. This idea presentation will incorporate many scenarios that are to be chosen after an extensive research has been done.

After a successful storyboard presentation comes the production process. In this process, another discussion will be held in order to determine aspects such as production schedule, property and wardrobe recommendations (if any), as well as shooting locations. Later on, the client would also have to agree on the talent for the TVC, music clip to be used, etc.

Upon 50% downpayment of the agreed quoted price, we will begin the production process. Despite the detailed preparation leading to the production, shooting usually only takes one day.

The longest part of a TVC production is the post-production process, which involves offline editing (in which, our editor will choose the best frames in the recorded footage to build up a draft TVC). Next is the incorporation of 2D and 3D graphics. Finally, after the client has approved the draft TVC, the voice over recording and music will be added as a finishing touch.


Before the TVC is ready to be received by the consumer, the TVC will have to go through the censorship board for the final cut. Following necessary censorship edits, the completed TVC will then finally be released to media networks.

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