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Social Media Videos

Every business needs a positive social media presence, and we can help! By keeping our team lean, we can produce affordable social media videos that get results. Leave your viewers with a lasting impression with our original, creative, and captivating videos.

Singapore video production company specialising in creative storytelling, helping your brand reach out, engage, achieve your business goals and most importantly, craft videos that make you go aww…

Video Production For Social Media in Singapore


Bite-Sized Videos

We specialise in short videos that are usually under two minutes long. Compact yet compelling videos, guaranteed to hold your audience’s attention! Their attention spans are typically less than 20 seconds. Within the first 5 seconds of your video, you must grab their attention. Otherwise, they will scroll past it.

Having bite-sized videos also means you can release them gradually, one at a time, so your audience can consume them. By doing so, you will ensure that your brand is always on their minds, reminding them of its existence.

Content Experts

Our content team monitors various social media channels to ensure your video aligns with what’s popular. Keeping up with the latest trends, hottest events, and trending hashtags will ensure your video’s success! We provide full-service video production ranging from conceptualisation and storyboarding to production and post-production, where we deliver the final social media video.


We listen to your needs and customise the video concept based on your requirements. Depending on the platform the video is published, whether square, landscape or vertical, we best optimise your video for social media viewing. We also shot our videos to be versatile, meaning we can easily change the format in post-edit without reshooting.

Disney – Avengers
A promotional video for Avengers merchandise in Southeast Asia.

Playstation – Stifled
A video promoting the latest Stifled release.

Disney – Cars
A merchandise promotion video for Disney Cars.

Uniqlo – AIRism
A video testimonial for Uniqlo’s social media campaign AIRism.

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