10 Examples of Great Product Videos

10 Examples of Great Product Videos

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10 Examples of Great Product Videos

There’s no hard and fast rule when making a product video. Depending on your industry, your audience will have different expectations for what they want to see. Additionally, they have different needs depending on how they decide what to buy.

However, there are a few elements that all the top product videos have in common. Here are what makes a great product video:

a. They tell a great story

Your product video won’t make sense without the proper context. For example, you could create many product videos for your product page that only show the item spinning around 360 degrees. But why spend the money to make a video? Branding is necessary for selling a product, and to develop a brand, storytelling is key.

Your product or service must be contextualised when making your product video. This often means that it must be demonstrated in action as a superb illustration of your product — and you must provide a good reason as to why the customer can’t resist it. Use your product video to reinforce your brand’s promise and values.

b. They are succinct

Ideally, make a video that is no longer than 30 seconds long, especially for social media posting. Yes, condensing a message into a mere 30 seconds can be challenging, but the best product videos choose to make it simpler for their audience to digest. Sure, some of the video examples below would be longer than 30 seconds, but be sure to observe them to understand why they can be longer. 

c. They are relatable

A product explainer video aims to enhance customer relatability to your business, as this is harder to convey with text and graphics. Whether the video is animated or features real people, you want it to be produced with heart and honesty. You want potential clients to feel as though you talked directly to the essence of their finest selves and that you truly understood them.

Below are some examples of great product videos that Aww Media has produced for our clients as well as other examples of great product videos for your reference:

1. Kinohimitsu Chicken Essence

original source

This video is simple and direct to the point, while still giving enough information about the product it is marketing. Make sure that you include information about your product’s ingredients, uses and availability.

2. Superstar Teacher trailer

original source

This video shows the funny interaction between parents and children as well as plays into all parents’ worries about their kids spending too much time on their mobile phones or iPad. It is totally relatable and fun to watch.

3. Pokka Green Tea

Like the Kinohimitsu Chicken Essence product video, this video is succinct and shows the ingredients of what Pokka Jasmine Green Tea is made of.

4. Jossie Maran cosmetic

original source

Product films don’t necessarily have to be about the item they are promoting but all good videos should have a narrative. In this video, Josie makes an interesting connection between parenthood, health, beauty, and natural skincare. The history of the new product is vividly described and made more pertinent to her brand’s target market.

5. Redbaby

original source

The main objective of any product video is to make the product come to life by answering all of the questions or addressing all of the customer’s concerns as if they were in-store. This video does an excellent job of covering every aspect of the product and demonstrating it in use.

6. Solo Stove

original source

This video demonstrates the product in use and explains the brand’s positioning and the history of how and why the product was created. This video is ideal for usage in many channels, including on a product website, in paid advertising, etc., because it skillfully blends storytelling with product displays.

7. Talenox – Leave

original source

How do you market your product by solving a problem? This Talenox leave management software video demonstrates how leave applications at work can be made faster and simpler by going online. The tagline is very catchy too!

8. Tiger Brokers

original source

This funny video is relatable in a way that it conveys every Singaporean’s concern about stashing their money safely. It also demonstrates the common ways how people usually hide their money in the nooks and crannies of their homes, instead of using a proper safe.

9. Native

Original Source

Videos for tech products are frequently among the best, and you can thank Apple’s storied marketing campaign for that. This video undoubtedly highlights the areas where Apple might have done better in terms of innovation. Native Union is a lovely tale of ease for users of contemporary technology, which is almost all of us at this time.

This video also has soft, clear lighting. The house makes viewers think of their own or their ideal home. The need and want topics are covered in this video to encourage conversion.

10. Telenox – Payroll

Original Source

This video tugs at the heartstrings of any pet owner and people with loved ones at home. If you’re often burdened by manual payroll preparations each month, this video will definitely convince you to switch to digitised payroll ASAP.This video tugs at the heartstrings of any pet owner and people with loved ones at home. If you’re often burdened by manual payroll preparations each month, this video will definitely convince you to switch to digitised payroll ASAP.


A great product is made up of three main aspects: great storytelling, succinctness and relatability. Perhaps, you can’t always make your video shorter than 30 seconds. Still, nonetheless, it should always be able to tell the story that your audience needs to know and be relatable to appeal to human emotions. Need help creating an effective product video? Get in touch with us today to know more!