What Makes A Good Testimonial Video

What Makes A Good Testimonial Video

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What Makes A Good Testimonial Video

Believe it or not, a compelling testimonial video may determine the success or failure of a product or service. Research shows that nine out of ten individuals claim they believe what a customer has to say about a company more than what the company says about itself or its products/services. After watching a testimonial video, 2 out of 3 respondents think they’d be more likely to make a buy.

How, therefore, can you satisfy both the want for convincing social proof and the consumers’ enjoyment of video? Video testimonies are the solution! This blog article will walk you through every step you need to take to produce a compelling video testimonial that sells.

What Is A Testimonial Video?

As the name implies, a testimonial video records a customer endorsing your business, a product, or a service. Since videos are more captivating and memorable than words on a page, it is widely believed that they are more effective than written testimonials.

Before making a purchase when shopping online, consumers want information that will reassure them, and video testimonials are excellent at doing this. Our survey found that 78 per cent of individuals said a brand’s video persuaded them to purchase a piece of software or an app.

Ten Tips On How To Create A Testimonial Video That Converts

There are numerous approaches to making a testimonial video, and the one you choose will rely on a number of variables. However, there are other actions you can take to boost the likelihood of conversions from your video. Here are our ten simple steps for creating a testimonial video that converts well:

1. Select one of your most successful clients

The first step in creating your testimonial video is picking the ‘star’ of the show. Select a client with whom you have a strong relationship and, ideally, one who has seen significant success using your company’s goods or services.

A good talking point for your testimonial video will be the apparent, observable results, which will help persuade any potential consumers who are viewing to make a purchase.

2. Plan ahead

The best testimonial videos are ones that look spontaneous, but this doesn’t mean there wasn’t any advance planning prior.

The trick is to get your clients to give you answers that appear spontaneous but aren’t. Preparing your customer with discussion topics is the best method to achieve this; you might even offer them a list of questions you intend to ask. Here are some examples from which you can choose:

  • Why did you pick our business, product, or service?
  • How did our business, product, or service serve you?
  • What makes our business, product, or service superior to others you’ve used?
  • What were the primary benefits according to you?

By emailing your inquiries in advance, you give the client the time to consider your questions and respond thoughtfully. It’s crucial that they don’t rehearse their responses in advance and read them out. No one trusts a robot, and this can look quite robotic.

3. Ensure that your client is comfortable

Most people find it unsettling to have a camera aimed at them. Therefore, it’s crucial to set aside some time to assist in making your client feel more at ease.

Before asking your customer to come “on set”, set up the cameras in advance to aid in this, then take some time to establish a rapport rather than immediately starting the recording. Distract them with a conversation about other topics, and when they’re ready to begin, do so.

Telling them where to fix their gaze and how much of their body will be in the frame will also be beneficial. We’ve all had the awkward “what do I do with my hands?” moment. Therefore, giving your clients pointers and directions like these will assist them in feeling more at ease while speaking in front of the camera.

Oh, and don’t make a big deal out of it if they make a mistake! The testimonial video doesn’t have to be perfect.

4. Create a scene

When selecting a site for recording, there are a few practical factors to consider. For instance, you should choose a location with excellent natural lighting and minimal background noise. However, several “nice-to-haves” will also enhance the appearance of your testimonial film.

Consider the full scene that will be captured in the frame after setting up your camera. Add a few props, such as plants or your set. Additionally, don’t be afraid to switch up the settings; by including more scenes, you’ll provide viewers with more diversity and reduce the likelihood of losing interest.

5. Use different viewpoints

Utilising various settings and viewpoints is advantageous. It’s helpful to have a variety of shots to pick from while editing your video, so two viewpoints will serve perfectly. If possible, use two cameras to accomplish this and set them up to record simultaneously.

6. Place the spotlight on your clients

A collaboration is required to produce a testimonial video. Sure, you’re utilising it to boost conversions, but there’s no reason you can’t highlight your wonderful clients while doing so!

An excellent way to start your testimonial film is by having your client make an introduction. This works in several ways:

  • It can aid in the on-screen relaxation of your client
  • It starts a narrative
  • It offers viewers a character they can relate to

To demonstrate how your company’s product, service, or organisation has benefited many people in various jobs, it also helps to interview more than one person for your testimonial, especially if you run a B2B business.

7. Showcase the product or service

A great way to boost the authenticity of your product’s testimonials is to show them in use. After all, 47 per cent of individuals claim that testimonial videos are successful because they make it easier for viewers to picture how a good or service truly functions. 
A few seconds that show your user using the product (and enjoying it!) will send a strong message to potential customers even if you don’t make it the star of the show. You might even cut to your product while your consumer praises it or show it in the backdrop.

A great example of a testimonial video showcasing a product is UNIQLO’s AIRism clothing line. In addition to showcasing the benefits of UNIQLO’s AIRism shirt, the video also shares many Singaporeans’ pinch point: staying cool in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

8. Use overlays to add depth

Breaking up long person-to-camera segments in the edit is crucial because they can get a little monotonous after a while.

Although switching between scenes and points of view has already been discussed, using text overlays or inserts is another approach to give a scene more dimension. This not only divides the film into manageable chunks but it also gives it a little more personality. If your brand depends on this, you could even go one step further and add some animated visuals to the screen.

9. Keep it short and sweet

Customers check for online evaluations and testimonials, but that doesn’t mean they have the time (or the desire!) to watch a lengthy film before getting the necessary details.

Keep your testimonials succinct and to the point to enhance viewer attention and engagement. At Aww Media, we advise limiting your testimonial videos to no more than three minutes and covering four to five central themes during that period.

10. Promote, promote, promote!

You must aggressively promote your testimonial video across all of your platforms, just like you would with any other piece of marketing content. This includes sharing it on YouTube, social media channels, and your email list.

The more viewers your video testimonial receives, the better. Additionally, you should designate a page on your website for your testimonial films because doing so might persuade website users who aren’t sure yet to convert.

Better yet, distribute your testimonial videos carefully among product pages. Some folks might need this encouragement to click the “buy” button.


In addition to boosting conversions, making a strong testimonial video will also help you build stronger relationships with your current clients. The consumers who desire to be featured in your testimonial videos will be your best supporters and, ideally, remain customers for a long time. 
Having said that, should you need help creating a compelling testimonial video that also converts, please don’t hesitate to contact us! At Aww Media, our client’s success is our priority!