Effective Corporate Video Ideas for Your Business

Effective Corporate Video Ideas for Your Business

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Effective Corporate Video Ideas for Your Business

Corporate videos don’t need to be overly formal and bland. That connection to ‘corporate’ has long since faded away. Therefore, we encourage you to be daring, intriguing, and compelling in your corporate video ideas. After all, video production excels at doing just that.

Never thought of using video in your business before? The most effective marketing technique available today is video. Why? It’s uplifting and educational while yet being readable and interesting – it has it all. Video is all about the combination of music and graphics to produce a unique blend of information that adheres to your brain like glue.

Everyone is shouting over one another at today’s insanely congested and crowded market in an effort to be heard. Therefore, it’s crucial to disrupt this market while maintaining the interest of your audience.

So we decided to provide our assistance. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 corporate video concepts. Consider it a starter kit for your video marketing trip. These videos will cover every aspect of your company you need to launch it into the stratosphere of marketing success:

1. ‘Company Overview’ video

A company overview video pretty much speaks for itself. It effectively sums up who you are, what you do, and the advantages your product or service offers to your target market.

Our list of suggestions for corporate videos begins with a company overview because it’s the ideal choice for your organisation’s debut clip. A firm overview film lays the groundwork for additional videos and other marketing materials. This is because, after reading the overview, you should have attracted a crowd that will be interested in hearing more.

Check out this ‘company overview’ video we produced for NTU School of Humanities below.

2. ‘Meet the Team’ video

Your audience will learn more about the members of your team at this point. It’s OK to discuss the business as a whole or to highlight important individuals like the CEO. This, however, falls short of truly forging connections with your clients that are genuine and human.

It is a well-known fact that what businesses genuinely sell are their employees, not their goods or services. People’s power attracts interested customers.

As a result, include a ‘meet the team’ video in your list of corporate video suggestions. Concentrate on each team member, their functions, and their personalities. In addition to having some fun, ask them to comment about their position within the organisation.

Check out this ‘meet the team’ video that we produced for Talenox below:

3. ‘Product Promotion’ video

There must be some sales included in your corporate video concepts. Even though we advise against going overboard with sales, marketing should be included. Therefore, following your company introduction and team videos, a product marketing video is the ideal next step.

Explain what your product does, how it functions, and its advantages in your product promotion video. You can explore these topics in greater detail in other videos if you’d like. But for now, keep these succinct and direct.

Additionally, and most importantly, you must have a call to action. You must instruct your viewers on how to learn more about or purchase your goods if you are producing a promotional film. If you don’t, your readers will simply scroll past, negating all of your efforts.

For example, check out this product promo video that we produced for Kinohimitsu:

4. ‘FAQ’ video

Customers will probably have queries, especially if your company has just begun. These queries may come up frequently. Before you know it, you’re spending all of your time responding to them rather than growing your business.

This issue can be resolved using a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or FAQ video. So be sure to include it in your ideas for corporate videos! All you have to do is point your clients in the direction of this video and display it prominently on your website and other platforms.

For instance, you might frequently receive inquiries about the operation of your product. By including a product demonstration in your video, you can respond to these questions. In contrast, you can be questioned generally regarding shipping and refunds. You may easily and swiftly respond to these in your video as well.

Take for example this FAQ video we produced for iDental:

5. ‘Behind the Scenes (BTS)’ video

It works well to provide your audience with a peek behind the polished, finished product of your work in addition to giving them that. Videos showing what happens ‘behind the scenes’, whether literally or figuratively, illustrate the effort that goes into providing what you have to offer.

You may, for instance, give your audience a tour of the manufacturing facility where your product is produced. This additional process knowledge enhances the value of your company and fosters consumer confidence.

Or, your ‘behind the scenes’ could be very literal. Your business may have produced a video for marketing purposes and now wants to demonstrate how it was done.

Check out this BTS video we produced for the Lip Sync Dance Competition Winner video:


We hope that this article serves as a useful primer for your venture into video marketing.  Whenever you run out of ideas for corporate videos, refer back to this blog post. Better still, get in touch with us and let us help you create your company’s corporate video based on the five types mentioned above.