8 Tips On How to Make a Video That Is Guaranteed To Go Viral

8 Tips On How to Make a Video That Is Guaranteed To Go Viral

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8 Tips On How to Make a Video That Is Guaranteed To Go Viral

There are a lot of popular and amusing videos available on YouTube. Nonetheless, some videos get more hits and go ‘viral’ while others don’t – so, what makes a viral video viral? In this blog post, we will discuss a few ideas, including what viral videos are, how they spread, and some advice on how to do the same with your own videos.

Although there isn’t a magic formula for creating viral videos, these strategies and tips will help you win the YouTube viral video race. Let’s start by defining a viral video in the first place.

What Does a ‘Viral Video’ Mean?

A video that becomes popular online on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is known as a viral video. Videos that become viral quickly gain a lot of viewers. Some videos gain popularity naturally, while others do due to targeted marketing (boosted posts).

A viral video usually evokes strong emotions, and we often feel compelled to share it with our friends and contacts. Making a viral video can be done in a variety of ways. Usually, specific conventional approaches are applied to increase the appeal of the video, such as amusement, humour, or thoughtful impact.

How Does A Video Go Viral?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for getting your YouTube videos to go viral, but there are eight valuable tips you can try:

1. Ensure your content is engaging and shareable

Your viewers will feel compelled to share if you produce distinctive and captivating content they can relate to. People are likelier to share content with friends and family if it conveys emotions like anger, entertainment, comedy, grief, etc.

2. Make sure your content is optimised for search

Use appropriate hashtags, descriptions, and keywords to make your video search engine-friendly. Your video will become more visible and accessible in search results with the help of the right hashtags and keywords.

3. Create eye-catching thumbnail

People will be likelier to click on and watch videos with attractive thumbnails. The number of views and interactions will rise as a result.

4. Promote on social media

Your audience will notice your content more if you post it on social media, which raises the likelihood that it will also go viral.

5. Collaborate with other influencers

Increase the reach of your content by working with other personalities on the internet, such as influencers and fellow creators who are more successful than you. By doing this, you will also extend your reach to their followers and yours.

6. Time your content with the current trends

There are many trends and popular online content on the internet. Keep an eye out for any potential future trends, and if you notice one, produce your own viral content about it.

7. Keep your content short and sweet

Shorter videos typically receive more views since viewers are likelier to watch and finish them. Therefore, as the number of views increases, so does the likelihood of going viral.

8. Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience can help you choose the kind of content you should be producing, which will inevitably result in greater reach.

How Many Views Equal A Viral Video?

It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly how many views are required for a video to become “viral” because it relies so much on the platform and audience size. However, a video is often deemed viral if it has over a million views in a short period, usually within a few days.

It’s also important to understand that virality is not just about views but also about how quickly and how much engagement (likes, comments, and shares) the video receives. In conclusion, a video can be deemed viral if it demonstrates a mix of quick shares, many views, and active viewer participation.


Getting a video to go viral – for a good reason – will guarantee that you reach the maximum pairs of eyeballs you need to promote your products or services. 

In addition to the eight tips we share above, remember to create relatable and emotional videos that your audience will feel compelled to share, add your sponsor’s link(s) and be consistent when producing quality content. Should you need more info and assistance about creating quality videos with viral potential, contact us, and we’ll show you how!