5 Cool Video Editing Tips & Tricks

5 Cool Video Editing Tips & Tricks

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5 Cool Video Editing Tips & Tricks

If you’re working in the creative line, having the appropriate video editing skills is crucial but it may be a tedious and time-consuming process to learn. In the beginning, you may also be unsure of how to achieve the edit effects you desire. In this blog article, we offer some practical video editing tips and tricks that can really help you as a novice video editor.

The tips we provide below cover a wide range of topics, including where to cut scenes and how to make sure the music you use blends well with the images. These video editing methods can be used on any type of video, making them applicable whether you’re working on a movie, a personal vlog, a documentary, or creative shorts. They should also help you improve the quality of your overall video content.

If you are new to video editing, here are five simple and practical tips for you to apply:

1. KISS (Keep it short and sweet)

The popularity of TikTok and Instagram reels is not without reason. Attention spans have decreased as a result of people’s busy schedules and more access to media information. The most frequent criticism that amateur and many professional films now face is that they are too long.

That doesn’t mean you should condense your 30-second masterpiece into a 30-second skit, but you can make it better by trimming the fat. It helps to be really harsh with your own work when editing a video, as it does with any other type of editing. If a phrase or a shot doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t been spoken, try removing it and see if the video flows better without it.

2. Cut on action

It can occasionally be jarring when a scene is cut from one angle to another. This frequently occurs when using various takes, although having two cameras on the same take can also cause issues. Cutting within the middle of an action rather than when things are still is a simple video editing trick that can help edits appear smoother.

Start on a wide shot and cut to a close-up while the subject is sitting, not after they have sat down, for instance, in a scene where a person enters a room and sits down. This has a smoother appearance and helps mask small continuity mistakes because the movement will draw the viewer’s attention.

3. Cut to music

As music is essential to practically all video editing, it is our next suggestion on this list of video editing tips and tricks. If you edit your video for social media, the right soundtrack can significantly increase its mood and frequently improve its reach. However, amateur editors frequently make the mistake of not synchronising the editing with the musical rhythm, which leads to abrupt cuts.

Try playing the track and tapping your fingers in time with the music, either on your desk or, if your software offers one, on the keyboard shortcut for adding markers. The best places for the video to cut are where you tap. To assist you in locating the peaks that you should clip on, you may also have a look at the audio waveform.

4. Play with colour

Colour grading and colour correction are the two colour editing techniques used in video editing. Making basic consistency adjustments to your clips is known as colour correction. When juxtaposed one after the other in an edit, shots from two different cameras or those taken in various lighting situations might look jarringly different. This can usually be avoided by altering the brightness, contrast, and white balance.

On the other hand, colour grading is a comprehensive procedure that gives a scene a specific “look”. If you’re serious about it, some high-end editing programmes include intricate grading user interfaces, but many others make it simple for beginners to accomplish using LUTs, which apply a predefined colour scheme. This has a significant impact on how a video feels. If you give your video a colder or warmer aesthetic, for instance, think about how the tone of the video will vary.

5. Focus on the storyline

Always consider how your choice will affect the plot when choosing what shot to use or where to trim when editing a video. In fact, this applies to each decision you make during the editing process. That is true of all videos; even advertisements tell a story in some way.

Be aware that this might not be the greatest strategy if you add an effect just because it looks flashy or picks clips that look nice. In actuality, these decisions frequently serve to detract from the fundamental objective, which is to convey your story. Consider what you want the audience to take away from the video, what they should be thinking at each stage, and what pictures and sounds would best support that message.


While employee testimonies and your business’s principles can be highlighted on your website, a company culture video can bring them to life and demonstrate that you live what you preach.

The best part is that creating company culture videos isn’t all that difficult. Simply remember the six tips we touched on earlier and start planning your company “screenplay”. The golden rule for creating a fantastic company culture video is to keep it lighthearted, and genuine, and to let your personality shine through.

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