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Video Marketing is the future of Digital Advertising

[pillar_modal_gallery class=””][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”362″ images=”1134,1133,1130″ title=”Event Videos” embed=”” hover_title=”Event Videos”]Capture highlights of your events and turn your moments into memories that last a lifetime. Videos get 4x more engagement than static content.[/pillar_modal_gallery_content][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”90″ images=”1132,1133,1130″ title=”Animation Videos” embed=”” hover_title=”Animation Videos”]Present your ideas in an interesting and engaging animation video. Eye-catching graphic animation added to jazz up your service/product.[/pillar_modal_gallery_content][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”363″ images=”1133,1134,1130″ title=”Corporate Videos” embed=”” hover_title=”Corporate Videos”]Whether it’s to spread awareness of your brand, or to establish your brand’s positioning, every company should have a corporate video to establish their identity. 80% of users recall a video ad that they viewed in the past 30 days.[/pillar_modal_gallery_content][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”366″ images=”366,365,364″ title=”Explainer Videos” hover_title=”Explainer Videos”]Find it difficult to explain what your product or service does? Use explainer videos to turn complexity into simplicity! 1 minute video translates  to more than 1.8million words![/pillar_modal_gallery_content][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”89″ images=”1137,1134,1130″ title=”Promotional Videos” embed=”″ hover_title=”Promotional Videos”]Showcase the tedious process of creating your product, the intricate and fine details of your product and what makes it so special. Product videos make shoppers 85% more likely to buy![/pillar_modal_gallery_content][pillar_modal_gallery_content image=”368″ images=”1268,1133,1130″ title=”Social Media Videos” embed=”” hover_title=”Social Media Videos”]Short, engaging 10-30 seconds videos that will satisfy your viewer’s short attention span. Light hearted, fun content that will make your viewer share, re-watch and remember.  Videos are shared 1,200x more than links and posts combined![/pillar_modal_gallery_content][/pillar_modal_gallery]

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