How to do a Good Company Culture Video

How to do a Good Company Culture Video

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How to do a Good Company Culture Video

Nowadays, job-seekers will not only consider how much a company is paying when searching for a job. They also look for a positive work environment in which they will learn and thrive. In fact, according to a TalentBoard poll, 35 per cent of job searchers believe business culture to be the most valuable marketer for a company. Therefore, if they’re looking to attract the right talents, a company must create a positive workplace image. 

20 per cent of job-seekers also claim that they research a company’s values, the reasons “why” people want to work there, and employee endorsements. Even though it can be a lot to cover, creating a company culture video is the ideal method to let potential employees know more about you while promoting the workplace culture you have.

A company culture video provides prospective employees and clients with an inside look at what it’s like to work for your company. They display not only the work you perform and the goods and services you provide but also the individuals responsible.

In this article, we’ve gathered some tips and pointers for you to consider in making a highly effective company culture video:

1. Know the motivation behind the video

The first step in producing a great company culture video is to be aware of your goal and the audience you’re hoping to influence. Your video’s message and distribution channel will also be decided by this.

Employees are significantly influenced by company culture. A compelling company culture video is crucial for this very reason. Now, your goal can be to promote your company positively and entice qualified candidates to apply, much like an employer branding film. You can concentrate on this by emphasising employee reviews, the reasons why people enjoy working for your company and the benefits it provides.

Such videos work well on websites, especially on the “About Us” and “Careers” pages, as well as on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you might want to give your clients a more in-depth view of your company to improve your relationship with them and foster loyalty. Here, promoting your video using social media or email marketing can be useful. In addition, you can even use your company culture video for internal communications, such as announcements or helping new hires get to know your team and how you operate.

2. Show your company’s personality

A company culture video aims to accurately represent your company’s identity. If you pretend to be someone you’re not, you run the danger of drawing in the wrong applicants or damaging the public perception of your company.

Therefore, come up with a list of the essential principles and values of your organisation that you want to emphasise in the video before you begin to plan and shoot it.

You might consider the following questions as guidelines:

  • What are your objectives and vision?
  • What motivates your actions?
  • Why would others want to collaborate with you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What distinguishes your company from others?

After that, consider how you may use a storyline to illustrate these themes and subjects. Your company’s values will be more effectively communicated through your culture video if it tells a compelling story that engages viewers and forges stronger bonds with them.

3. Select the right format for your video

The company culture video can be done in several different formats such as:

  1. Interviews with staff members
  2. Documentary-style movie: 
  3. “Day in the life” video
  4. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage
  5. A look around the area 
  6. A look at the social work your company is doing, and
  7. A video asking “Why do you love your job/company”.

The key is to select a format that works best for your objectives, target audience and the message you want to convey. You can experiment with different formats, such as combining candid staff conversations or footage of staff hard at work with images of your office to add excitement and engagement to your video.

4. Prepare a script

Even though culture videos are meant to provide an authentic view of your company, you should nonetheless write a rough “screenplay” before you begin filming. You will gain a better understanding of how to move forward, what to cover, and the necessary pictures as a result.

Using compelling narratives and striking graphics can help make your video more memorable, as with any other piece of content. Also, keep in mind that it’s better to use the screenplay as a loose structure for an interview or behind-the-scenes video and to let staff speak more freely.

5. Feature your real employees in the video

Videos about your company’s culture can help you humanise your brand and remove barriers between you and your audience. And your staff can best assist you in achieving this because they are familiar with and knowledgeable about your company.

Therefore, rather than hiring actors, ask staff from other departments if they would be willing to appear in your video. Your video will be more interesting and powerful if real employees talk about their experiences and why they enjoy working with you. Additionally, engaging workers in a fun activity like this can increase their morale and sense of devotion to the company.

6. Keep it short and simple

Keep your company culture video as short and sweet as possible; ideally five minutes or less. If you like, you can produce a series of company culture videos that showcase the different formats we discussed earlier. This way, you will be able to communicate all that you wish others to know about your company without risking boring your audience with a longer-than-necessary video.


While employee testimonies and your business’s principles can be highlighted on your website, a company culture video can bring them to life and demonstrate that you live what you preach.

The best part is that creating company culture videos isn’t all that difficult. Simply remember the six tips we touched on earlier and start planning your company “screenplay”. The golden rule for creating a fantastic company culture video is to keep it lighthearted, and genuine, and to let your personality shine through.

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