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Top 10 Video Marketing Trends in 2020

The last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. In 2017, video rise to the top of your marketing tactic list. Video as a tactic was likely streamlined by your creative team as a one-to-many awareness play, with lots of focus on expensive production and little […]

5 Tips to Speak in Front of the Camera

Lights, camera, action!   At one point in everyone’s life, there has to be a time when one would dream of being in front of the camera — be it as a talk show, cooking show or travel show host, a singer/actor, or even a stand-up comedian. Thanks to the rise of social media, absolutely […]

The Rule of Thirds in Videography

Ever wondered why movie stills so much more professional than your own attempts with your phone?   The secret here is composition. Composition means the arrangement of elements in a frame. The graphic structure of a picture. There are a lot of factors playing into this structure: perspective, proportions, lines, light, colours, and more. All […]

4 tips for creating musical production

Compared to most other types of video productions, the production of music videos is relatively more complicated. This is due to the fact that, aside from the lyrics, the video-maker will also be required to work off a script, which is mainly visual in nature. In addition to that, there is also the need to […]

What is TVC (television commercial)?

TVC is the acronym for television commercial — a form of advertising that promotes products, services, ideas, individuals or organizations via the television medium. The duration of TVCs greatly vary but they usually fall between 10 seconds to 3 minutes-long. Regardless of the length of the TVC, it is important to keep in mind that […]

What does a media production company do?

A media production company is responsible for the many steps required in production of media content, from the initial conceptualization to the project completion. Media refers to any form of communication, entertainment or information that are intended and produced to reach a wider set of audience. Media can be in the form of anything from […]

5 creative concepts in video productions

A lot of factors come into play when it comes to creating an attention-grabbing marketing video. There are things like analytics, planning and proper budgeting that are essential, but the one thing that spins the magic is really creativity. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your video, be it for social media, TV commercials […]

Why you should have corporate video

If you’re thinking of new ways for your company’s marketing strategy, has corporate video production ever crossed your mind? If you have not, it’s not too late for you to venture into this marketing tool. Corporate video production is one of the many ways to grow your business. Here are some reasons to consider having […]

What makes a good social media video?

It’s great that your brand is utilizing social media platforms to reach out to the million users in the world, but what are the contents you have on your platforms? Social media videos are one of the greatest additions to connect with your target audience and potential customers. Pick up your phone and open any […]